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  • Chewy, tangy, and gooey - ChewzMe Tangy Turtlz Gummies cherry candy, or fruit snacks, as we like to call them, are so much fun! Don't waste time, try these sour gummies now.
  • Sweet and sour candy - These gummy filled candies are covered in a tangy sugar coating and filled with a gooey inside, which makes them a perfect addition to any candy box or an amazing addition to any candy buffet.
  • Bold flavor - Dare to try this bombastic combo of flavors. You can chewz between Bussin’ Blue Raspberry or Cherry Bomb. No matter which one you choose, they're great as thank you candy or halloween candy.
  • Take them places - These sour gummies are the perfect chewy candy for the movies, birthdays, school day trips or just to hang out. Pop'em like candy (wink, wink).
  • Candy made out of pure cane sugar with NO high fructose corn syrup our sour gummies will win over your taste buds with their tangy, sweet taste and amazing textures.
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When it comes to our jelly-filled candy, the hype is real. Three exciting layers of flavor and textures make these treats a tangy bliss in every bite. Get a mouthful of our turtle-shaped sour gummies delivered to your house now!

• 100% real: sweetened with pure cane sugar
• Ditch the bad stuff: Free of high fructose corn syrup


Skylar is he fearless trailblazer of the ChewzMe crew! With a rebellious streak and an unquenchable thirst for adventure, Skylar is always on the hunt for the next thrill. Her bold confidence and outgoing charisma make her the natural leader when it's time to dive into new challenges. Sure, her impulsive nature can lead to some wild, unexpected twists, but she’s got the creativity and energy to navigate any obstacle. Whether she’s teaming up with Riley for a crazy escapade, collaborating with Radical on a daring invention, or reining in Wicked’s mischief, Skylar’s daring spirit keeps the excitement alive!


Say hi to Riley, the liveliest member of the ChewzMe crew with a heart of gold! Riley's boundless enthusiasm often lands him in the middle of comical chaos, turning everyday moments into laugh-out-loud disasters. Clumsy yet charming, his constant screw-ups never dim his positivity, making him the group’s shining star. With endless energy, Riley is always ready to cheer everyone up, even when the going gets tough. Whether he’s following Skylar on wild adventures, relying on Shaggy to clean up his messes, or putting Radical’s inventions to unexpected use, Riley’s playful spirit and kind-hearted nature keep the ChewzMe adventures as sweet and tangy as ever!