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  • Taste the zing: Our tangy strawberry, blue raspberry, and watermelon candy chews and their crazy coat of crunchy candy bits are the dreamiest candy variety of them all.
  • We stan candy straws: Each pack has individually wrapped sour strings to take on the go, give them a try and see how fast these sweet and tart candy ropes will get your tastebuds jazzed and all hyped-up.
  • ChewzMe hits differently: Our tangy, bulk candy, sour straws are studded with sweet, crunchy red candy bits that will leave you low-key obsessed. These fruit snacks have just the right kick of sweetness you need.
  • Impossibly chewy tangy rope: Flex the perfect combo of gummy candy in every occasion, as birthday candy, halloween candy, or party favor candy, there's no other sour candy bulk like us, no cap.
  • Keeping it real: Sweetened 100% with pure cane sugar, our candy snack size sticks are the perfect balance of sweet flavor and sour fun, keeping only the good and ditching out the not-so-great.
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Hey, once you taste a ChewzMe Chewy N’ Crunchy Stix you’ll know what we mean when we say these candy ropes are epic in flavor. This is not your regular straw candy stick, no sir, these are sweet chewy straws dotted with sour crunchy red chunks that will twist and turn your tongue into wanting more. Their super convenient packaging makes them an easy grab for when you’re heading out to have some out-of-this-world fun. ChewzMe’s Chewy N’ Crunchy Stix are definitely the perfect American candy, adventurous, thrill-seeking, amusement-hungry, and different. We say go for it and stix it! Choose to create flavorful memories that will last you a lifetime. Did we mention you can enjoy them as Christmas candy, mother's day candy, party candy, birthday candy, Valentine's Day gifts, candy bag stuffers, as the main event of a big bag of candy, or just as your sour straws of choice. We’re telling you, fill big bags of candy with these stix because they’re the candy that keeps on giving… epic flavor, epic texture and epic fun!


When it comes to our jelly-filled candy, the hype is real. Three exciting layers of flavor and textures make these treats a tangy bliss in every bite. Get a mouthful of our turtle-shaped sour gummies delivered to your house now!

• 100% real: sweetened with pure cane sugar
• Ditch the bad stuff: Free of high fructose corn syrup


This is Wicked, the ultimate prankster of the ChewzMe squad! With a sly grin and a trick always up their sleeve, Wicked’s playful spirit and razor-sharp sarcasm keep everyone on their toes. Their free-spirited attitude makes them the life of the party, even if their pranks sometimes go a tad too far. But hey, who doesn't love a bit of chaos? Beneath all the mischief, Wicked’s loyalty to their friends is rock-solid. Whether teaming up with Riley for some laugh-out-loud moments, giving Shaggy a playful scare, or turning Radical’s inventions into unexpected hilarity, Wicked ensures every day with the ChewzMe gang is a wild ride of fun and excitement!


Meet Radical, the brainy whiz of the ChewzMe squad! With a makeshift lab that's a playground for wild ideas and wacky gadgets, Radical's always brewing up something extraordinary. Curious and sharp, this inventive genius tackles life's twists with mind-blowing creations. Sure, sometimes Radical gets lost in the world of experiments and gizmos, but who can blame them when every invention is a new adventure? Whether it's solving sticky situations or dreaming up the next big thing, Radical’s boundless creativity and scientific optimism keep the group’s life buzzing with excitement.


Introducing Shaggy, the ever-watchful sentinel of the ChewzMe team! With a knack for spotting danger in every corner, Shaggy's mind is always on high alert, imagining the worst-case scenarios. Shaggy’s cautious nature and strategic thinking bring a valuable perspective to the group, keeping them out of trouble more times than they can count. Sure, her constant anxiety and risk-averse attitude can be a drag, but her observant eye and attention to detail are priceless. Whether she’s navigating Riley’s clumsy mishaps, tempering Skylar’s daring escapades, or finding comfort in Radical’s inventive solutions, Shaggy’s foresight and caution ensure the ChewzMe adventures are thrilling but safe