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About Us

Hatched from an out-of-this-world egg, ChewzMe steps into the vibrant and exciting underground candy scene of NYC. Discover our unique flavor combinations and textures that will make your taste buds party all day and night. If you're looking to explore the fantastic candy world of the Big Apple, search no more, we've got your back!

Tangy, sweet, chewy, and sugary

that’s us, and we’re proud of it! If you’re craving something that will make your taste buds dance like it’s a TikTok challenge, look no further. You won’t be able to resist the urge to “chewz” us.

Chewzme turtlz and legos

Sweet dreams with tangy surprises: Meet Tangy Turtlz, your new obsession!

These little guys are bursting with cuteness and zest, delivering a triple-texture experience that will make your taste buds party like there’s no tomorrow! Turtlz have an airy watermelon gummy belly, a spectacular strawberry sugar shell, and two sour gooey bursting centers - Cherry and Blue Raspberry. Definitely, the sensation of the decade!

Flying turtlz
Chewz Stix in a shopping cart

Out-of-this-world texture and flavor: Chew N' Crunch Stix has all you need and more.

Imagine little pieces of heaven individually wrapped, ready to go wherever you need, and a double-textured, double fun sensation of flavor. The styx in all their sweet, sour, chewy and crunchy glory, deliver flavor in each package - featuring Radical Blue Raspberry, Swaggy Strawberry, and Wicked Watermelon.

Chewz Stix Character green
Yung male streamer eating turtlz

And, more than candy, it’s a journey from start to finish.

When you unwrap a ChewzMe treat, we want you to feel the excitement building. We want you to savor every moment, from the first bite to the last. Our packaging is designed to spark joy and anticipation, and our candies are crafted with care and attention to detail.

We know that in a world filled with endless options, you chewz us because you’re looking for something different, something that stands out, something that makes you say, “Wow, this is epic!” We don’t take that trust lightly, and we’re committed to exceeding your expectations every time you ChewzMe.

Taste the experience today!

Turtlz and Stix Characters and logos

So, whether you’re enjoying Tangy Turtlz, savoring our Chew N’ Crunch Stix,

or diving into any of our other exciting creations, know that we are trying to make the world a more vibrant, flavorful, and thrilling place with our sweet, tangy, chewy, crunchy - and more - candy. Join us on this marvelous journey and let’s chewz our way to greatness.